Mid Feb 2013 - Wilcom release a new and improved version of their hugely popular embroidery software.

The new release of Wilcom Elements e3.0 has further increased the lead that Wilcom has built aver the few other remaining embroidery software suppliers.

The line up includes:

  • Deco studio
  • Embroidery Studio Lettering
  • Embroidery Studio Lettering & Editing
  • Embroidery Studio Designing (equivalent to Level 1 but with new features)
  • According to Wilcom, all other tools and features that used to be available only with higher levels will now be available as optional elements that can be plugged into the designing level.

    This is a great move by Wilcom which allows their loyal users to configure the software to their own specific needs and eliminates the unnecessary purchase of features that are not always required.

    Wilcom elements e3.0

    To find out more about Elements e3.0 and how it will help your business CLICK HERE

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