Have you ever needed a font but it's not amongst the standard Wilcom fonts?

How much time do you lose when you have to edit a standard font to make it look better or to match the font your customer wants?

ES Fonts have been very carefully digitised by one of Australia's best embroidery digitisers. It is not exaggeration to say that literally hundreds of hours have gone into perfecting the finest details of each character's shape, size and spacing.

All ES Fonts have complete character kerning tables, so character spacing is perfect - first time, every time.

There are 2 User refined fonts and one complex font offering advanced refinements that will make your font experience a pleasure by improving embroidered quality and speeding up the output from your design department.

ES Block is always a show stopper. Even experienced embroiderers are amazed to see letters as small as 2.5mm running at high speed on woven fabric and with excellent quality and read-ability/

Click here to visit the ES Fonts web site

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