LEMserver - High Speed Embroidery Network

There's no faster way to get designs to your machines

Barudan LEMserver embroidery machine network All new Barudan V series machines are delivered complete with built-in network functionality.

Just add a LAN card to each machine and Barudan's LEMserver Junior or LEMserver Pro software to your existing LAN network and you have blindingly fast downloads of designs to your machines. Better still - your machine operators never have to walk away from the machines to look for or load designs.

Just imagine it! No more floppy discs! Ever!
You can add Barudan machines to your existing Ethernet network or simply build a new network using off-the-shelf cables and a network switch.

You won't have to worry about outgrowing the system either as it can already handle many more machines that you are ever likely to use.

Just enter the design name at the machine's controller and in a matter of a few seconds it will be downloaded into the machine's memory. Better still - use a bar code reader!
Barudan embroidery machine network connection

Want accurate production data?

LEMserver Pro provides continuous machine monitoring around the clock. Every start, every stop, every thread break or coffee break every design loaded and how many times that design has been stitched - it's all recorded ready for you to view custom productivity reports using Microsoft Access.

When a thread breaks you can find out which machine, which head, which needle and even which stitch in the design the thread broke at.

There's no easier way to pinpoint production problems with either machines, designs, threads or even operators.

Imagine this

You think you have found a way to reduce your operating costs with a new lower priced embroidery thread. It's going to save you around $100 a week.

Hold on! - A quick report at the end of the week shows that thread breakage has increased suddenly. In fact your production losses are way higher than any savings you expected to make in thread costs. Just as well we found out in time!

No more vague reports to service tech's about which head, which needle or how often the machine is letting you down. It's all there in detail AND you'll know when it has been fixed.

For more information on how Barudan LEMserver can reduce design load times, boost productivity and provide accurate production data please call 1800 137670 today - or use the Contact Us page

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