There's more to buying a vinyl cutter than just price

A good vinyl cutter needs to have the following capabilities:

  • Good tracking - this means that it must be able to cut long lengths of vinyl, unattended and without the vinyl twisting under the feed rollers, which would ultimately lead to the cutting blade cutting off the edge of the vinyl.

  • Accurate cutting at high speed - which would allow you to cut small detail (especialy curves) accurately. Note: some cutters actually do not cut true curves - they break curves up into a number of small straight lines.

  • High cutting pressure - this is an indication of the overall strength of the machine and allows you to cut a more diverse range of products without the increased risk of damage.

  • Purchase price - is only what you pay on the day
    Cost of ownership - is far more important
    A low priced machine will often end up having a much higher cost of ownership either because it is less productive, less reliable or has higher running costs.

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