Let Hooptech embroidery clamps take all the hard work and frustration out of hooping work trousers, laptop cases, scoolbags and more.

Available for most other makes of commercial embroidery machine & Brother PR600

Hooptech slimline clamp Hooptech - Slimline
This image shows a Hooptech slimline clamp. It can be fitted quickly and simply to your Barudan D or V series machine using the same locating pins and clamping screws that you use for tubular hoops and/or cap hoops. (no tools required)

What do you need?
You need a Hooptech base and one or more window clamps depending upon what type of product you need to embroider.

The 5.5" round Hooptech clamp
This is a very handy clamp for embroidering names on the back of caps.

You can see on the image that Black texta marks have been placed on the top clamp. These marks make the job of aligning the cap centre seam and the curved back seam on either sides a breeze.

Hooptech is best left on the machine whilst hooping the next item for embroidery.

Note: the image above shows the Hooptech clamp base with both lower and upper window clamps attached.

Each hooptech window clamp consists of three parts:
  • A lower window clamp
  • An upper window clamp for thick fabrics
  • An upper window clamp for thin fabrics

  • The upper and lower clamps have heavy duty gripping tape glued to the surface so that the fabric being clamped is gripped from both sides.

    The upper clamp for thin fabric is silver and has rounded fingers which are curved down so as to press the fabric down towards the needle plate. This reduces fabric flagging during embroidery which helps to improve stitch quality and reduce thread breaks.

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