Hoopmaster embroidery hooping device - there's no easier way to hoop quickly and accurately even with unskilled operators

Who could do a better job of designing a garment hooping system for embroidery than an embroiderer? That's right! An embroiderer who understands the problems faced in almost every embroidery shop, every day, all around the world.

Well, that's exactly how Hoopmaster came to be and that's why it is the No.1 in the market.

Hoopmaster is well made, tough and well designed to overcome your problems.
Hoopmaster hooping station

You get all of the following items:

1 x Main garment hooping station (shown above)
1 x portable hooping station for narrow items (bottom centre image - shown with a round hoop fixture in place)
1 x 12cm round hoop fixture for your make of machine
1 x 15cm round hoop fixture for your make of machine
1 x 15cm pocket alignment jig
1 x T-square for jacket embroidery positioning
1 x Instruction video CD

Hoopmaster alignment grid Hoopmaster portable embroidery hooping station Hoopmaster backing fabric clamp
Grid marking for easy placement of hoop attachments

Portable hooping station for hooping small diameter items like shorts or children's clothing.
Can be secured to a table top
Magnetic flaps hold backing securely in place
Hoopmaster is available with fittings for most makes of commercial embroidery machine including:
Barudan,Tajima,Happy,Toyota,SWF,Melco,ZSK,Feiya and Brother including the brother PR-600 and the Fortune 600.

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