Keeping your machine clean

Barudan machines do not require much in the way of cleaning on a regular basis but there are certain key areas of the machine which do accumulate dust & lint.

The build up of dust & lint may happen slowly or quite quickly depending upon the environment in which the machine is being used and upon the type of product (threads & backings) being used and the type of fabric which is being embroidered.
Electronic control system
All electrically operated equipment produces heat when switched on and often even more heat when being used. To maintain a suitable operating temperature, your machine has cooling fans which draw cool air in one side of the control box and then exhaust the warm air out of the other side.

Air intakes and cooling fans can become blocked by dust and/or lint and should be checked and cleaned regularly.

Barudan embroidery machine lower control box
Barudan high speed sewing hook should be oiled once every 4 hours to maintain optimum embroidery quality and minimise thread breakage
Sewing mechanisms
Embroidery threads, bobbin threads, backing fabrics and garments all produce lint which will over time begin to build up around the underside of the needle plate, the sewing hook, the bobbin & bobbin case, the thread trimming knives, needles and thread tension discs.

Use a small brush or compressed air to regularly clean out any build up of dust and/or lint.

Look after your sewing hooks
Many Barudan users run their machines at 1,000 spm. The sewing hook rotates twice for every rotation of the main shaft so that's . . . . .
2,000 rotations per minute
120,000 rotations per hour
600,000 rotations per 5 hrs

Note: Certain types of thread have a fine coating of wax type lubricant. This can slowly build up in between the tension discs, keeping them apart and reducing the amount of tension which is being applied to the thread.

If you notice that the tension control knob on one or more needle has to be screwed in much further than others then there is a possibility that there is a build up between the discs. Remove and clean them thoroughly.

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