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Are You Missing Out On Valuable Income Opportunities? Your Existing Customers Almost Certainly Need Other Types Of Garment Decoration - So Why Not Offer Them?

There's a pile of cash just waiting for you. All you have to do is . .start providing your customers with the services and products that they want ! It's not hard - in fact you'll wonder why you waited so long to grab a slice of the garment decoration business.

How many times have you allowed . . . . . even encouraged good, paying customers take their money elsewhere because you don't provide all of the garment decoration services they need and want to pay you for?
It probably doesn't cost nearly as much as you might think to get started in one of these popular garment deoration services.

Direct To Garment printers for cotton rich garments from DTG & from Brother
Sawgrass Virtuoso Dye sublimation printers for 100% polyester & high polyester content garments
sawgrass Virtuoso Chromablast transfer printers for 100% cotton & high cotton content garments
Vinyl heat transfer printer / cutters from Roland
Forever laser Transfer prints
- for most fabric types and colours

Brother GTX422 series garment printers
The new GTX from brother is the leading direct to garment printer by far in printhe sub $30,000 price range. The GTX is a totally new design with many improvemnets to speed, print quality, reliability and reduced maintenance.

* Two new design print heads CMYK & WWWW
* Much faster print speed
* New Inobella inks with softer feel and vivid colours
* Auto white ink circulation
* Automatic head cleaning
* Wet capping of print heads
* Long term shut down up to 2 weeks

Prices : Call 1800 137 670 or send enquiry

See the GTX in action. Video on our Embroidery Source website can be seen below

GTX in action

DTG -M2 Digital Garment Printer

The M2 provides twin platen operation and the largest print area of any DTG machine in itsd price range.

  • Industrial, wide-format print head lays down more ink, more quickly.
  • DTG's excellent WIMS white ink management system saves bucket loads of time and $$$ worth of ink. WIMS keep you white ink perfectly mixed all the time in the white ink tank and ink tubes all the way up to the dampers and back again. That's not all . . . .WIMS pums the mixed white ink through a micro filter continuously to make absolutely sure that any tiny impurities are removed even before the ink reached the filters in the dampers.
  • The result is - Only a fraction of the white ink mainetenance time and cost required for other garment printers.

  • Side-by-side, removeable, tucklock garment platens so you can re-load platens whilst printing.
  • Massive print area: 610mm x 450mm or 610mm x 1,200mm with option M4 upgrade kit
  • Print one or two garments at the same time (not one after the other like other makes)
  • Wave print technology overcomes banding problems.

  • Prices : Call 1800 137 670 or send enquiry

    NEW - Roland BN-20printer / cutter Price: Contact for package price with heat press and your choice of ink configuration

    With a Roland BN-20 you have versatility:
    Print only - garment and sign vinyls
    Cut only - garment & sign vinyls
    Print & Cut - garment and sign vinyls

    Printing and cutting

  • Heat transfer logos for garments
  • Signs & Banners
  • Billboards & POP displays
  • Labels & Decals
  • Vehicle & Floor graphics

  • Cutting only

  • Heat transfer vinyl for garments
  • Reflective vinyl for safety wear
  • Sand blast & stencil films
  • Pressure adhesive vinyl for signmaking

  • Read this before you buy a vinyl cutter

    Prices : Call 1800 137 670 or send enquiry
    Roland VP 540 printer

    Roland Vinyl Cutters
    Price: Call for package price with heat press

    With a Roland GX-24 you can create and cut shapes, letters and numbers quickly and easily using Cut Studio software supplied with the machine.
    Use the G
    S-24 to cut:
  • Pressure adhesive vinyl for signmaking
  • Heat transfers prints for garments
  • Heat applied vinyls for garments
  • Sand blast & stencil films
  • Reflective films for signs & safety wear

  • Prices : Call 1800 137 670 or send enquiry
    Roland GX 24 vinyl cutter

    Sawgrass Virtuoso A4 & A3 size Dye Sublimation printers

    Dye sublimation is the perfect system for printing polyester garments and many other promotional items suitable for dye sub printing.

    Simply print the image onto Tru-Pix transfer paper and then apply to the garment or product with a heat press.

    Dye sub prints on 100% polyester fabric are extremely wash fast because because the dye actually penetrates into the fibres, changing their colour permanently. When done correctly and with quality inks, dye sub prints will outlast the garment

    Price includes:
  • Vituoso SG400 (A4) or SG800 (A3) size, 4 colour printer
  • 4 x Sublijet dye sublimation ink cartridges
  • 100 sheets Sawgrass Tru-Pix transfer paper

  • NEW!
    Now you use your dye sublimation printer to produce full colour images (including white only araeas) for application onto any colour of cotton, denim, leather and more.

    How? With Forever Subliflex, dye sublimation printable sheets. the result is similar to a print & cut vinyl logo but with better washability.
    Prices : Call 1800 137 670 or send enquiry
    Epson 1410 dye sublimation printer

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