Existing Barudan users know very well what I'm about to say . . . . but for those who haven't yet owned or used a Barudan read on and find out why Barudan makes so much sense

You've reached the most important part of the Barudan Australia web site. It's the part that explains just what it is that sets Barudan apart from every other make of embroidery machine on the market today.

This is where we back everything that we have told you about:

  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Reliability &
  • After sales support
  • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . with a rock solid warranty and guarantees that no other embroidery machine supplier will dare to even discuss with you.

    Let's start with the first three reasons why buying a new Barudan in Australia and/or new Zealand is simply the best investment you can make for your embroidery business.

    There is a fourth reason . . . . . and it really is the icing on the cake, but you'll need to talk to us to find out what that is. All I will tell you now is that during my 30 years in this business, no one has ever matched Embroidery Source on this offer because they know that they can't back it up.

    The fourth reason makes choosing Barudan one of the lowest risk business opportunities you will find anywhere. . . . . but enough about that for now. Lets' get down to the nitty gritty!

    When you buy a new Barudan from Embroidery Source P/L, it comes with the following:

    Barudan 30 day money back guarantee Reason No.1 - Our 30 day money back guarantee
    This guarantee means quite simply that you have 30 days after you have paid for your Barudan machine during which time you can if you choose to, call us up and say "I'd like to return my machine and get a full refund of the purchase price".


    1. Our 30 money back guarantee is applicable only to machines that we supply from stock and includes sizes 1, 4, 6 & 8 heads only. It does not apply to special order models and machines with more than 8 heads.

    2. The machine and all accessories supplied with it must be undamaged and in 'as new' condition having been maintained correctly according to Barudan's instructions.

    What if it has broken down through no fault of mine? Well in this case, if the breakdown is as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, you would have been covered by our warranty anyway so you'll still get a full refund.

    3. The machine packing case and packing materials must be retained for re-packing of the machine for transportation back to our warehouse.

    4. You must pay for any consumable products used during the 30 day period. These would include threads, backing fabrics designs Etc.

    5. The 30 day money back guarantee is only valid once per customer / entity.

    Barudan 7yr warranty Reason No. 2 - Up to 7 years of major parts and on-site labour warranty
    Now the very first thing I encourage you to do when it comes to warranty is this: READ THE FINE PRINT
    This is where so many people get caught out and end up in bitter disputes with their supplier. When it comes to our warranty we insist that you read the fine print and that you question everything you are not sure about.

    OK so what does our warranty really cover?
    Well the first thing is that our warranty covers all major mechanical and electric/electronic parts (all the expensive stuff that would really hurt your business if you had to pay for them).
    It also covers the cost of our technician's time whilst he is with you making good the repair.

    What isn't covered?
    There are some basic, low cost parts like needles, bobbins & bobbin cases, thread trimming knives Etc which are considered to be consumable items (like the tyres on your car) and which are subject to wear and tear on a day-to-day basis.

    Return travel costs for our technician whilst carrying out a warranty repair.

    Also not covered - damage to the machine resulting from:
    Mis-use, Neglect, Accidental damage, Damage resulting from natural disasters, storms Etc, Etc.

    So how do I get my warranty and does it cost anything?
    Your new Barudan comes with 12 months warranty. All you have to do is keep your machine clean, avoid accidental damage Etc and make sure you lubricate the machine in accordance with Barudan's lubrication and maintenance guidelines. That covers you for the first 12 months.

    Extended warranty
    At or around the end of the first twelve months after installation, you have your machine serviced by us, just like you would with your car. Upon completion of the service, we will issue you with a new warranty certificate for the next 12 months.

    This can be repeated up to 5 more times after the first service providing you with warranty cover for up to 7 years from the date of installation.

    What do I pay for?
    You pay for the cost of having your machine serviced by us including any non-warranty parts which might need to be replaced during the service (needles, bobbin cases, trimming knives Etc)

    You also pay for any reasonable travel and/or accommodation costs which might be incurred by our technician.

    No nasty surprises!
    You can request a quotation for the service prior to having it done. We will tell you exactly what it will cost you (excluding any non-warranty parts required, which we cannot estimate until the service is being carried out)

    Barudan 7 year stitch quality guarantee Reason No. 3 - Up to 7 years of stitch quality guarantee
    Now we have talked about our warranty and about the parts and costs that are covered, but that's really not enough. Is it?

    A high speed embroidery machine, even with an 'industry best warranty' is not really much good to you if it doesn't produce good quality work. Your customers won't care about your warranty - they care only about the quality and service which you provide for them.

    Some makes of machine just never, ever produce good quality work because they are poorly made. Others are good when they are new but then they start to deteriorate fast. Some suppliers will even suggest that you should be getting rid of your machine after just 5 years. Are they serious?

    We Give You Up To 7 Years of Stitch Quality Guarantee

    Provided that you look after you Barudan and get it serviced annually by us, we guarantee that for 7 years at least, it will continue to produce embroidery that is as good as the day upon which we first installed the machine for you. We even provide you with some test designs which you can use to produce a sample after every annual service - so you can check & compare the quality.

    We garantee the stitch quality for 7 years - but that doesn't mean that your Barudan will grind to a halt during year 8. Far from it! There are literally hundreds of Barudan machines in use today here in Australia that are 15 years old and some that are almost 30 years old.

    The Fourth Reason
    Well, as I said earlier in this page if you are ready to sit down with us and talk about how we can help you to get started in the embroidery business or with a new Barudan machine in your shop, I will tell you about the fourth level of risk removal.

    If you are the kind of business person who needs to make solid investment decisions with high returns and the lowest possible risk - you will not find a better deal than Barudan.

    Call Embroidery Source today on 1800 137 670
    OR go to our contact page

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