Barudan Australia
Supported By Most Extensive & Experienced Technical Support Team In The Country.
So, what happens AFTER You Get Your New Machine?
If you have done your research well, you should have a machine that performs at the very least, up to your expectations. Better still you will have one that surpasses your expectations.

So many of our new clients tell us that their new Barudan does exactly that - it surpasses their expectations and that's even before they consider our money back guarantees and the best warranty and stitch quality guarantees in the business.

We DON'T ever dump your new machine and run. We make sure your machine is fully set-up & tested and that you are thoroughly trained on how to use it and how to get the best out of it.

Our technical support team
We probably have the biggest (and I don't mean by waist measurement) technical support team in the embroidery industry perhaps even in the apparel industry in Australia and NZ.
9 Qualified, Sewing & Embroidery Technicians
All fully trained in apparel manufacturing and embroidery equipment.  

Also on the support team we have Jeff Bailey, Hayley Schols, Judi Ford who will also help with general embroidery information, software support and digital printing support.

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