"Two Embroidery Heads Really Are Better Than One"
Barudan BEXS - 12 to 20 head flat bed models

Barudan is the only embroidery machine manufacturer in the world to offer two different types of embroidery head construction.
Barudan rotary embroidery head type YN Barudan embroidery head type Z15
Barudan Y9 rotary turret embroidery head
Narrow profile - more space between heads
Excellent view of embroidery work area
End needles don't catch on garments during colour change
Supre easy maintenance
Barudan S15 - embroidery head
More needles per head (max. 15)
Excellent for flat work and for cap embroidery.
Embroidery close to peak of the cap
New low noise design

The Y9 (rotary turret) embroidery head
A current day evolution of Barudan's patented, automatic colour change embroidery head. The YN head is still considered to be the most reliable, low maintenance embroidery head in the world and is considered to produce the most beautiful, high quality embroidery of any machine available today.

There are many companies and many countries in which Barudan's rotary turret embroidery heads are the bench mark for reliability and quality today.
Barudan BEXS YN20
The S type 15 head
This head developed by Barudan specifically for those who need to be able to embroider a wider range of products including finished garments, fabric, caps and more. Once again the emphasis has been on quality of manufacture resulting in outstanding multi-purpose machines which are fast, quiet and low maintenance.
Note: Flat bed machines are commonly used in Australia for garment embroidery but finished caps are usually embroidered using Barudan's drop table, cylinder bed models.

Barudan BEVS Z1520

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