It's A Fact

We learn faster and remember things better with the help of pictures.
Barudan machines have 'easy-to-understand' icons and that means that your new operators learn quickly and are in production faster than ever.

Barudan machine memory - save up to 30 designs or 10,000,000 stitches Use the Barudan design preview function to draw the design in colour before you stitch it out The new Barudan design trace function provides accurate outline trace so you don't hit the hoops Read Barudan, Tajima, Toyota, Happy, Melco & ZSK format embroidery discs
View a list of designs in memory
Draw a colour preview of the design

Trace outline of design
Read design from floppy disc
Moves from one needle to the next or move directly to the required needle Barudan thread trappers prevent threads from pulling out of the needles whent the machine is running with some heads switched off. Use the Barudan design security function to prevent unauthorised copying of designs from machine memory to floppy disc or CF card. Calculate how much thread will be used in any design
Select a different needle
Open / close thread trappers

Protect the designs
in memory
Calculate thread consumption
Avoid costly production losses resulting from unplanned bobbin run-outs.  Set your Barudan to stop just before the first bobbin runs out then change them all at the same time. Read designs from Compact Flash card. Up to 5,000 designs or 10,000,000 stitches can be saved onto one card in up to 50 different folders Re-program designs saved to memory so that they change colour in the sequence that you need. Barudan LEMserver network function used in combination with an Ethernet card, network and LEMserver software provides you with super fast design downloads directly to each machine without floppies of memory sticks.
Set stitch counter for bobbin changes

Read a design from compact flash card. Change the design colour sequence. Switch on the network function.
Barudan badge repeat function - simple and quick set up of design repeats within one frame Make you machine trim all heads at the same time Barudan sock embroidery function provides you with the ability to embroider left & right socks without the need to re-load hoops and with the design mirror image too. Use your Barudan to rotate, mirror or re-size a design
Badge repeat function Execute a thread trim on all heads Use the automatic sock embroidery function Rotate and/or mirror the design

More Tools = More Power
Every picture tells a story and there are many more to choose from yet. Powerful tools that will help you get the maximum performance & return from your new Barudan. Tools like:

Built-in design stitch processor (VS & VY models only)
Allows you to reduce or increase the size of the design with constant stitch density.

Applique function
Moves the frame out towards the operator at applique stop codes in the design for easy placement or trimming of applique fabric.

Frame out function
Moves the frame out at the end of the design for easier unloading and loading of hoops

Cap frame function
Automatically rotates the design ready for cap embroidery - so you don't forget

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